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A few newer  ones

Loitering  in Brussels
Loitering  in Pisa
More loitering in Pisa
Loitering in Rome
Loitering  in the Vatican

Fotoos phrom all over

Allegedly  the world's largest clock face - Zurich
Loitering  in Antwerp
More loitering in Antwerp
Train to Brussels
Queen  at Windsor and Neanderthal at Stonehenge
Chapel at  Windsor
More Zurich
Skiing? in Anzere
Snow creatures in Anzere
Anzere,  Switzerland
Volcano  in Bali
Temple in Bali
Birds  in Bali
Monkeys  in Bali
More monkeys in Bali
Singing  in Singapore
Loitering  in London
More loitering in London
Wat  Arun Temple in Thailand
Lama Temple in China
Great  Wall, China
Cycle  rickshaw to the temple, China
Chilling in  Goa
From the archives
More archives
Dadar...er..VT...er  Amsterdam Centraal
Loitering  in Amsterdam
More loitering in Amsterdam
Clogs  in Amsterdam
Windmills  in Amsterdam

Fotoos phrom a few years back

The  signs came early, but nobody paid attention
Loitering  at the nukkad
More loitering at the nukkad
Still  loitering at the nukkad
And yet  more loitering at the nukkad

Church window in Antwerp

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